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Brașov, Romania
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The mission

Create a fun identity & brand guidlines that reflects Anna's passion for photography.

Not all heroes wear capes – Anna Kennedy is a professional photographer from Berkshire, UK and she works with delightfully genuine families who love lively, adventurous photography.

Her journey is bright and colorful, exciting at every step. Take part in this mixture of joyful emotions, dynamic compositions along with splashes of ambitiousness.

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Social media

We can’t be everywhere – therefore we found a great solution with Anna, so she can manage her social media accounts with the help of our pre-made templates. This way, her posts and stories are always aligned with the brand guidelines.

Let’s collaborate

We like brands that speak from the heart.

You don’t need a corporation to have great branding, in fact, small brands and personal brands sometimes can have more personality.

We are here to help you be seen as you feel.