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Radisson Blu

From visual materials to immersive artwork and location photography, our project with Radisson Blu Aurum Brașov encompassed multiple aspects to bring the hotel to life. Each element, carefully designed and executed, tells a story that celebrates the history and heritage of the hotel’s location, but also aligns with the Radisson Blu values and philosophy, creating a memorable experience for all guests.

Project focus points:

• Crafting a unique hotel artwork – concept and implementation

• Designing all hotel collaterals and visual materials

• Location photography and print

First chapter

Hotel Artwork

Our journey started a year before the grand opening, focusing on creating the artwork that would soon decorate the rooms, corridors, and restaurant. We carefully chose every element, including dresses, models, and hand-drawn backdrops, to tell the story of the region’s rich history and bring the Aurum world to life.

Our task to create the hotel’s artwork concept presented an intriguing challenge: to weave a visual narrative that revives the site’s forgotten history of the Goldsmiths Bastion between the XV – XVIII centuries. After extensive historical research, and poring over archives in libraries and museums, the story began to take shape, inspired by the relics of the Goldsmiths Guild and the remnants of the city’s medieval architecture.

Our idea was to create an atmosphere of calm elegance that would instantly transport hotel guests into a serene state. The fashion concept resulted in three custom-made dresses, each unique in their design and symbolism.

Each dress by its simplicity, contrasts the intricate details of the handcrafted jewelry inspired by the works of the goldsmiths. These opposing elements create a visual contrast between shapes and materials, as well as past and present, evoking a sense of continuity.

Rococo Elegance


The Beatrice dress, paired with the 'Rococo Cone' hairdo, offers a close-up view of the Goldsmiths Bastion, with golden elements as windows (that give an insight of the craftsmanship), integrated into the fabric. This dress is a symbol of purity and divinity, mixed with a crown (Brasov is also called the crown city in acient texts) and light motifs.

Baroque Splendor


The Theresia dress, paired with the 'Baroque Horns' hairstyle, provided a closer view of the Bastion, adorned with golden jewelry reflecting the art nouveau's embrace of nature's imperfect symmetry, creating distinctive, captivating, and beautiful patterns. Blue gemstones are handcrafted into the jewellery and complement the blue dress.

The city walls


The Aurora dress, complemented by a hairstyle inspired by the famous 'Renaissance Aura', was designed in the shape of the medieval city and its streets. The most prominent hexagon-shaped jewelry piece on this dress represents the Goldsmiths Bastion, strategically positioned to highlight its location within the medieval city's bastions.

noyk_radisson_055-scaled Baroque Splendor,
A Bastion's Full Embrace.
noyk_radisson_054-scaled Renaissance Grandeur,
The Goldsmith Bastion's Radiance
noyk_radisson_053-scaled Rococo Elegance,
A Glimpse from the Bastion's Heart.

The end result is a collection of images that resemble paintings more than photographs, serving as a silent yet eloquent storyteller, immersing hotel guests in a narrative of the past while they luxuriate in the comfort of the present.

Second chapter

Hotel Collaterals

When you enter a hotel, each piece of visual material you encounter, from door hangers to breakfast menus, contributes to your overall experience. For Radisson Blu in Brașov, we crafting over 200 individual graphic materials.

This part of the project stands as a testament to our capability to not just craft brands from sketch, but to also use precision to deliver graphic materials based on existing brand guidelines. This way, we maintain consistency and help in keeping prestigious brands alive.

Third chapter

Hotel Photography

Embark on a visual tour showcasing the five-star luxury, lavish room types, modular conference rooms, inviting lounge, corridors, and timeless exterior of the hotel. Experience the atmosphere and comfort through our lens.

An important component of the Radisson project were black and white photographs of Brașov, assembled into a collage that adorned the corridors and room walls, immersing guests in the charm and history of the city. These, complement the bedhead artworks, guarding timelessly the corridors, from where doors open to the rooms where the painting-like portraits send the viewer back in the XVlll century.

Culture & community

Brașov still holds within its old streets the echoes of its medieval charm, hidden in the details. It’s easy to forget one’s history or the roots of a place. However, by resurrecting some of this heritage and reimagining the past with a contemporary perspective, we aspire to bring history closer to both the guests of the hotel and the local community.

This project holds a special place in our hearts. We aimed to breathe life back into the forgotten chapters of Brasov’s history, even as the city’s bastions remained veiled in limited information within libraries and museums. Our endeavor also sought to assist the local community. With a cultural theme in mind, we offered guidance on cultural perspectives and strategies to the hotel, encouraging the promotion of local crafts, supporting local artists, and fostering cultural events.

We hope that, beyond its captivating visuals, the hotel will continue to be a beacon for promoting crafts, nurturing local artists, and celebrating the rich tapestry of culture. We aspire to help the community rekindle their pride in their heritage, ensuring that the story of Brasov’s history endures for generations to come.

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